Oven Machine

Oven Machine

Oven Machine Purpose:
The equipment uses high-temperature hot air circulation to degrease the volatile oil on the surface of the radiator, evaporator and condenser coil tube.

Basic parameters:
Degreasing temperature: 100-200℃ (depending on the travel speed and grease of the workpiece).
Oil content of heat sink before degreasing: ~ 3G / m2 (actual grease range)

Oil content of heat sink after degreasing: < 0.008g/m2 (effect after treatment)
Heating power: 125KW (power and voltage regulator can control the output power)

Working principle:
The heating chamber is used to heat the air to a certain temperature, and the hot air circulation fan is used to evenly pass the hot air through the workpiece to form a circulation. The high temperature of the hot air blows and volatilizes the volatile oil on the surface of the workpiece, and the oily hot air is discharged out of the room through the exhaust fan installed on the upper part.

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