High Temperature Brazing Furnace

High Temperature Brazing Furnace

Main uses:

Furnace Widely used in the brazing and other bright heat treatment of stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, red copper, ceramics and other parts in industries such as automobiles, diesel engines, aerospace, air conditioning and refrigeration, gas water heaters, electronics, and microwave magnetrons
High Temperature  Brazing Furnace:

Furance Caracteristic:

**The latest design of the heating furnace muffle has obtained a national patent. Its material is heat-resistant stainless steel containing rare earth elements produced in Sweden, with good structural strength and small thermal deformation, which improves its service life. Under normal working conditions (furnace temperature 1120 ℃), its service life can reach more than 1.5 years; When the furnace temperature is below 950 ℃, its service life can be greater than 3 years.

**The cooling section uses a cooling inner muffle and cooling water jacket welding seam separation technology to ensure that the brazed workpiece is bright and free of oxidation. This invention patent is under national approval.

**A heat exchanger is installed in the cooling section, greatly improving the cooling speed of the workpiece.

**Imported furnace lining materials are selected to reduce energy consumption.

**Specially designed to achieve stepless pressure regulation in each zone of the heating zone, ensuring stable furnace temperature of the heating furnace. The stability of furnace temperature can reach ± 1 ℃.

**Unique explosion-proof design, using a variety of alarm and circuit interlocking automatic protection devices to ensure the safe operation of the furnace.

Main technical parameters:

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