Electric Heating Aluminum Brazing Furnace

Electric Heating Aluminum Brazing Furnace

Main purpose:
The controllable atmosphere aluminum brazing furnace system is mainly used for continuous brazing of aluminum water tanks, oil coolers, intercoolers, heaters, tubular condensers, evaporators, parallel flow condensers, stacked evaporators, power station air coolers, and other workpieces under nitrogen protection atmosphere.

Electric Heating Aluminum Brazing Furnace:


**Adopt high-performance refractory materials to ensure superior thermal insulation performance of the furnace and low no-load loss of the equipment; The design and fabrication of the protective atmosphere gas distribution system and airtight protective curtain for the brazing furnace are precise, ensuring low consumption of high purity nitrogen, saving energy and gas for the entire equipment, and reducing production and operation costs for users;

**Precise and reasonable heating furnace zoning, high-precision advanced temperature control instrument hardware selection and software parameter adjustment make the furnace temperature control accuracy extremely high (± 0.2 ℃), and the product temperature difference in the brazing zone (575 ℃~610 ℃) ≤ ± 3 ℃;

**The advanced frequency conversion and speed regulation conveyor belt control system is adopted to achieve stepless transmission of the workpiece, accurately control the operation time of the workpiece in each heating zone, and ensure the accurate realization of the aluminum brazing heating curve;

**Using a high-precision oxygen analyzer provides an advanced means for real-time and accurate measurement of the atmosphere in the aluminum brazing furnace;

**The spray device is simple in design and convenient to use. The nozzle ensures sufficient and uniform flux spray on the brazed workpiece; Air blowing ensures that the excess flux sprayed on the brazed workpiece is blown clean;

**The drying furnace has a large heating capacity and a high circulating wind speed inside the furnace, ensuring that the workpiece entering the brazing furnace is free of any moisture that may harm the brazing quality;

**The water cooling zone of the brazing furnace ensures that the cooling temperature of the aluminum brazing process is controllable, meets the requirements of the process curve, and ensures that the metallographic structure of the workpiece brazing weld is fine and dense;

**The air-cooled blower in the air-cooled room has strong air-cooling ability, small vibration, and low noise, maximizing the protection of the operating personnel's clean and comfortable working environment;

**The advanced and complete control system realizes the integration and intelligence of the production line, and the control, warning, and protection systems ensure the safe and reliable operation of the production line.

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